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Affordable Housing

The Affordable Housing industry is a unique business landscape and you need an advisor that understands that landscape. At Propp Christensen Caniglia LLP our experienced professionals have the understanding and creativity to guide and assist you in this complex industry.

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Non-profit Organizations

Through a diverse range of activities such as helping children, advancing education, promoting research, providing health care assistance, and many others, non-profit organizations seek to make life better by making a difference in our communities. A non-profit organization faces complex challenges, not only in accomplishing its mission, but also in adhering to the requirements of its funding sources, and following the prescribed accounting principles and reporting guidelines. The experienced professionals at Propp Christensen Caniglia LLP are ready to assist you with these challenges.

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Construction Contractors

Contractors, subcontractors, as well as individual workers need to be aware of the proper accounting methods for their business. Common revenue recognition methods used in the construction industry are the "completed contract method" and the "percentage of completion method." The professionals at Propp Christensen Caniglia LLP are highly proficient in these rules and guidelines driving this industry.

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Property Owners Associations

Property owners associations, referred to as common interest realty associations, include both residential and commercial property developments. The specific characteristics of common interest realty associations vary depending on the type of real estate that is owned by the association and by the individual property owners that are members of the association. Common interest realty associations, as separate legal entities, are subject to unique accounting and tax considerations. The professionals at Propp Christensen Caniglia LLP have the expertise and experience to provide services to meet your associations' needs.

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Employee Benefit Plans

Employee benefit plans are subject to continually evolving complexities in financial accounting and reporting as well as the increased scrutiny and oversight of federal agencies such as the Department of Labor. It is essential that you work with an auditor with the experience and training necessary to assist you in navigating these complexities. Propp Christensen Caniglia LLP is a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants' Employee Benefit Plan Audit Quality Center and has the expertise to assist you with your plan.

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